In Defense Of A Nomadic Lifestyle

Imagine, you're leaving your footprints on Kaihalulu's crimson red sand in Maui, Hawaii; or you're strolling on a palm-fringed beach in Puerto Rico, or you're jogging on a deserted beach alongside crystal-clear waters in Fuerteventura in the Canaries.


You're here at these beautiful places for one single reason: it's your job. You're a freelance photographer or travel writer, or both. While other people have hour-long commutes to go to an office in a commercial building, you get to travel all over the world.

So, how do you get to be paid to travel all over the world?

Let's first talk about the skills you will need, then we'll talk about how to find travel gigs.

3 Ways to Getting Skilled-Up

Here is a three-step self-education plan to get skilled up:

  • Freelance Photography: to become a freelance photographer, you need to learn how to be an excellent photographer by enrolling in photography classes and buying the right equipment and software. You should also study the works of famous photographers and read as much as you can about photography.  
  • Journalism: to become a journalist, you can take an online class, especially one that teaches you how to do travel writing. While this isn't completely necessary, as you can do quite well just taking photographs and letting someone else do the write-ups, you will find it easy and profitable to also learn how to write well.
  • Business: Besides learning how to take good pictures and write good descriptions of the places you visit, you'll also benefit from learning how to run a business as an independent contractor. For instance, you'll need to figure out your niche, how to create a portfolio, and how to market your business.

4 Ways to Find Work

1.  Work for travel magazines.

The better you get at promoting your work, taking good pictures, and writing about the places you visit, the easier it will be to impress travel magazines, which could be either print-based or online.

2. Work for international hotel and resort chains.

You could also find work in the hospitality industry, getting sent to various properties around the world to take pictures that they can then use for their marketing.

3. Work for a travel company.

You could also do marketing for a travel company and get sent on assignments to scout out interesting destinations for people to go for vacations.

3. Create your own travel blog. 

You don't have to work for anyone if you don't want to have any restrictions. As a travel writer, you can monetize your blog through advertising and affiliate marketing.

5 Benefits of a Nomadic Lifestyle

Since this is not the usual career advice, it's important to dwell for a few minutes on the benefits of choosing a nomadic lifestyle.

1. You'll deepen your perspective.

Travel can change the way you view life and help you grow as a person. Going to interesting places, meeting fascinating people, and learning about different cultures will broaden your perception of the meaning and purpose of life. Instead of a life of routine, you can opt for a life of adventure.

2. You'll become wiser.

It's impossible not to become smarter when you're constantly adjusting your perspective, sampling different lifestyles, and experiencing different cultures. Over time, you'll acquire a deeper wisdom about life and become a well-rounded person.

3. You'll become light-hearted.

The reason people become serious about life is that they develop attachments and dislike change. When you travel from place to place, changing friends and routines, you'll start to see many of the things that most people take seriously as something of an illusion.  

4. You'll become friendlier.

You will need to engage with people wherever you go. Over time, you'll drop your preconceptions about different cultures and social norms, and, as a result, you'll be more curious about everyone you meet and more open to connecting with and learning from others.

5. You'll become more resourceful.

Life as a nomad is full of unpredictable things. You'll constantly need to reevaluate new social situations and decide on the best way to do things.

In conclusion, this is a good lifestyle if you're a curious, restless person with wanderlust. You can do it for a few years before coming back home and settling down, or you could do it for many years, becoming something of a travel authority, penning books, giving talks, and establishing your reputation as a photographer or writer, or both.

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