Seeing a new country is always fun, but for people interested in photography, a trip to an unfamiliar place can help ignite their creativity as they set out to capture inspirational places from a new angle. For one photographer, a recent trip to Slovenia proved to be particularly stimulating, leading to him capturing a collection of stunning images that features the country’s diverse and beautiful land and seascapes, including sunsets over fishing boats, warm autumn foliage, and flowing clouds over misty mountain peaks.

Taken by Romanian photographer Aurel Paduraru, the series showcases the natural beauty Slovenia has to offer and includes scenes such as dusk at a beach in Piran and luscious green hills and farmlands. The photographer also captured images of traffic driving along the famous heart-shaped turn at Špičnik at night and sunrise at a church in Ljubljana. 
Aurel also travelled to Bled, Maribor, Jamnik and Kranj, capturing different sites at different times of the day.Originally planned as a solo photographic trip, with a 4000-kilometre long drive over 7 days, Aurel decided to take his wife and child with him so that they could spend quality time together, and even managed to capture some beautiful candid family shots.
I woke up for every sunrise in special places and during the day, I prepared for sunset. Throughout our time we discovered the country, talked with people and ate local food. Slovenia has great photographic potential, the people are awesome and I think it is the cleanest country that I have ever visited. Because it is relatively close to my country, I chose to do a car trip so that I could take the road there,Aurel told Lonely Planet Travel News.
When it comes to inspiring other would-be photographers, Aurel says that choosing the right time to photograph is key. For landscape, the best times are at sunrise and sunset. In those periods of the day, the most beautiful colours can be seen in the sky and on the land.

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