Few Tips Before going for A Forign Country Tour ?

1)  Buy a side hanging bag in which you can carry your Passport, Visa , Travelers cheque and other  documents related to Traveling . Don't buy a bag which is specially used by Travelers, this will make you look different from other Travelers and save you from pickpocketing and other crime issues.

2) Take care if you are applying for a Foreign Country Visa , your Passport should carry atleast twelve blank pages and it should be valid for minimum five years . if anyone of them is lacking, your application will not be approved .

3) After receiving Visa, make two photocopies of yout Passport and Ticket so that you can keep one with you and other at your House.In case if  your original copy is lost or theft You will not face any problem due to that.

4)  Don't forget to make your Travel Insurance before going for a Foreign Country vacation .

5)  If you are planning to visit America for vacation then you are not required to carry heavy luggage . You are suggested to have complete information from your airlines company.

6)  Do all  your shopping like clothes, footwear and other accessories according the weather of  your Touring Destination .East Countries have almost one kind of weather every month . Singapore have Monsoon kind of weather,HongKong has cold evenings while UK and USA has different kind of weather So you are suggested to take complete knowledge of weather before selecting your Tour Destination.

7) For countries having winter season, keep overcoat, gloves, proper footwear, body lotion and lip balm etc.

8) Pay special attention before packing your dresses for the tour. avoid packing revealing dresses as this will bring special attention of people to you which may be risky. Islamic countries does not allow wearing revealing dresses for ladies due to their strict laws.

9) Don't forget to carry your medicines at your tour. If you are going through some special tretment for a long term disease then carry some extra dose of medicines . Also carry few multi-vitamins and anti allergic tablets with you.

10) Carry your mobile instrument with complete safety. Buy a local sim of  Your tour destination as it will save you from high roaming charges and help in cost cutting.

11) Carry an updated Diery having all your important numbers . make a list of your residence, office, friend's  numbers including numbers of your Docter, Travel Agent, Taxi service and Ambessy.

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