Thanks to these hacks, packing your suitcase like a pro just got a whole lot easier.

 Truth be told, the worst part about travelling is packing for it. I mean, the patience and planning it requires can make you want to cancel your trip! If you're a bad packer, it's even worse. Who wants to lug bags and suitcases filled with unnecessary items through airports and stations? When you pack smartly, however, your luggage can be organized and easy to stroll with. So follow these 6 packing hacks to make your travel easier.
1. Roll, don't fold
Folding clothes takes up too much space in a suitcase. However, folding compresses them enough to pile them together.
2. Sample size it
Instead of packing full sized bottles of foundation and lotion, smarten up and use contact lens cases instead. Fill each lens case with one liquid makeup product so that you don't have to lug those delicate bottles along with you.
3. Save your shoes
Afraid that your bulky shoes will ruin your clothes if they're in the same bag? Then take the help of an old shower cap. Tuck your shoes into one, sole first for them to stay put without mud prints anywhere.
4. Don't brush it off
Can't live without your makeup brushes on vacay? Then pack them into a sturdy sunglasses case. That way, they'll be protected from any kind of damage.
5. Make it spill-proof
For bottles of shampoo, face wash and conditioner, place a piece of plastic wrap over the neck of the bottle and fasten it with the cap. This will keep any product from spilling out.
6. Keep them delicately
Don't just toss innerwear like bras and panties hastily into your bag. Instead, fold panties and camisoles into small rolls, place them in the cups of the bras and store in a soft cloth bag.

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