Jeremy Jauncey and his brother Tom are the founders of Beautiful Destinations, a creative agency known for inspiring both travel and photography with more than 13.5 million followers on social media – including 10.3 million on Instagram at last count. Jeremys personal Instagram account, meanwhile, is better known for inspiring fitness while travelling, due to shots like these

Here he shares what hes learned about growing a loyal Instagram following, taking travel photographs, staying in shape on the go and where to check out in 2018.

1. If you want to grow a big following on Instagram, make sure your account starts out as a passion project

Initially, the focus behind @BeautifulDestinations was on building a community of like-minded travellers, photographers, artists, surfers, people that were just creating travel content where they lived, to give them a place to share their work. We started with this community focus that then became bigger and bigger and bigger. As it became more successful, we then worked out how to turn it into a business, but it started out with people just sending us photos and then growing from there.

2. Find your style and stay consistent

Part of our business curates photos, so we work with content creators around the world to pick the best photos that will fit for our feed, and a bigger part is actually creating the content ourselves, so we have in-house photographers that go out and shoot campaigns all over the world.

The common theme for us is we have a very, very strong brand were about being a celebration of colour, a real focus on positivity, a message that actually if you get out and travel and share your time and experiences with people, you can enrich your life and have amazing experiences that you maybe wouldnt have had if you stayed at home. When it comes to creating that content, the best advice I can give is to find a style that really fits you, stick to it, and then be very loyal to your audience as you tell that story.

3. Travel with the right kit

First thing you need is a power pack. I think anyone can relate to the challenge you face when you are out on the road and you cant get your phone working because youve run out of battery. We are using our phones all the time, charging multiple electronic devices, so a power pack is absolutely essential. We have a Mophie its really simple. There are two different plugs – one for your USB cable and then one for iPhone.

We also use a portable Wi-Fi everywhere we go. You can buy a device for this for about £50 theyre not very expensive and you can top it up with £10, £15 or £20. Thats what we tend to do and it sees us through most of the trips we do so we can post as we go.

Obviously you need a good camera, as youd expect. Having a business thats based on Instagram and beautiful photography, we need to have a camera, so I travel with this pretty much everywhere I go as well as my smartphone. I personally shoot on both. Our team is a mix of photographers, videographers, drone operators and people that are experts in shooting 360° content, so across all of those different disciplines we have lots of different equipment we travel and shoot with.

Clotheswise, I always pack a very lightweight Belstaff Roadmaster. This is great because its very easy to carry in my hand luggage, its rain and water resistant and its also quite lightweight, so when you land in a place thats a little bit warmer, youre not too hot.

Tips for maintaining your fitness while constantly on the road:

1. Ive got a watch with a heart-rate tracker on it and I also have a chest strap. Having the heart-rate monitor is the most important thing for me personally, because it means that no matter where I land I can keep myself honest because I know the heart-rate zones I need to be working in to actually train effectively. So even if youve been travelling for a long time and you feel tired and your heads telling you that you shouldnt be training anymore, your heart never lies and you can use that as a way to keep you on track and putting in as much effort as you can.

2. I also travel with a TRX in my hand luggage, as well as a skipping rope and resistance bands, in case I have to work out in a hotel room or open space.

3. Then music would be the last thing. I travel everywhere with an iPod. I know its a bit old school but I like to leave my phone out of the gym so that I cant be contacted and can properly focus on exercise.

4. Hot destinations right now

1. There is a real resurgence in some of the mid-Western states, such as a place called Traverse City close to Detroit, which is emerging as a hot destination.

2. Places in South Carolina. We just had an amazing trip and wedding in Charleston, a really exciting destination.

3. We forget, being based in London, how easy it is to get to places around Europe – there are around 18 major capital cities within a two- or three-hour flight from London. You can get out and explore very, very easily with low-cost airlines. Specifically, Montenegro is supposed to be a pretty hot place to go at the moment.

4. Slovenia is coming up. We worked with their tours abroad last year and theyre doing some really exciting stuff, trying to bring in tourists.

5. We had a really exciting campaign with the Maltese Tourism Board where we were highlighting Valletta – the European City of Culture 2018 its a very beautiful place where they filmed Game of Thrones, Troy and a bunch of other Hollywood projects.

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