Its strange that despite an overwhelming history, inspiring culture and stunning natural beauty, Armenia hasn’t found itself on the world’s best travel destinations list yet. This Caucasian nation has a rich heritage laced with art and mind-blowing architecture that sits comfortably with its modern outlook making it a wonderful country to discover. A place that leaves you intrigued by its history, amazed by its monuments and charmed by its simplicity, travelling here is a mix of the old and the new.

The most popular touristy sites are the incredible, ancient monasteries but there is enough in its amazing landscape to explore for adventure lovers. The capital, Yerevan, especially, is delightful with its modern malls and historic old buildings. Put this all together and you have a great travel experience so close to Dubai.
A flight takes less than three hours from Dubai to Yerevan and Indian nationals with UAE residence visa get visa on arrival. The visa at Yerevan airport will cost you USD6 and you’ll be out of the airport in no time.
We chose Air Arabia direct flight of about two and a half hours to Yerevan in Armenia and we got a very sweet deal of return airfare, hotel stay with breakfast for under Dhs1000 per person. Yes, its that easy, There are other airlines like Qatar Airways and FlyDubai that fly to Yerevan.

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