Snow causes,power cuts and travel delays due to bad weather in UK
Heavy snow and ice have disrupted road and air travel in parts of the UK and left thousands of homes without power.
Drivers were at a standstill on the A14 in Northamptonshire for several hours, while a lorry crash on the M1 blocked the motorway.
The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for ice overnight across most of the UK.
Passengers at Stansted Airport faced long delays as flights were suspended twice to clear snow from the runway.
A spokesman for the airport said the snow had passed over and they were not anticipating any more closures. Many flights have been delayed and almost 30 outbound Ryanair flights have been cancelled.
Some passengers have complained on social media that they have been stuck on planes on the ground for several hours.
Luton Airport said it had to significantly reduce the number of inbound flights it was accepting.
Some flights have also been cancelled and there have been delays to allow de-icing of aircraft, a spokesman added.
Ryanair apologised for having to cancel "a small number of flights" because of runway closures at several UK airports

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