Whether we're traveling by road or in the air, the process can sometimes be overwhelming. But some airports are working to make sure it doesn't have to be.

From TSA check points to security to waiting in line airport travel especially during the holidays can be daunting. But what if you could slow things down? And trade stress for serenity.
"We want this to be people's escape," says Elizabeth Feinstone is co-founder of Yoga on the Fly.
It's the first private airport yoga studio in the country.
"So in each room we have an iPad loaded with classes," Feinstone says.
Feinstone and her business parnter got the idea after travel took its toll during a trip to Nicaragua.
"We were feeling pretty beat up from the travel to get there," Feinstone remembers. "The mini plane rides, the long car ride, and we knew there had to be a better way to feel better when you get to your destination."
Now, you can get centered before you take off.
"So when you come in you can choose between meditation movement and breathing classes," Feinstone explains.
You can do the classes in the clothes you have on. There are levels for everyone and you don't need an instructor.
"The numbers on the mat help you make sure you're on the right position," Feinstone says.
The classes range from 8 to 20 minutes each. Once you pick one, you put on your wireless headphones. And Feinstone has seen customers go from chaos to calm. "
They go into their private mini studio," Feinstone says. "They close the curtain they do their thing they come back out different people."
Heath Montgomery with Denver International Airport says often people are surprised to see a yoga studio in the concourse. But he says concepts like these are ways airports around the country are trying to enhance the customer experience, especially during the holidays when millions are expected to fly.
"We are doing our best to make it the most relaxing and enjoyable experience possible and yoga plays a role in that," Montgomery says. "There's a lot of people out there who enjoy yoga and this kind of concept gives people an opportunity to really escape the rigors and stresses of that travel experience."
Travelers are taking notice.
"It's like the gods have heard the call," says Ines Andina. "Like this is what we need."
A moment to breathe before departure. Transforming how you travel.
So next time you have a layover a delay or a little extra time don't stress. Explore your options. Yoga on the Fly is expanding nationwide.

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