New Caledonia is a French paradise nearest in Australia, making it a popular holiday destination among travellers who seek the sun, sea, beach with a French feel With a land area of more than 18,000 square kilometres, there’s a lot of never-ending beauty that New Caledonia can offer. Here are the top ten reasons you should visit, with the best deals found here.

1.A taste of France, literally – New Caledonia is a French territory and the influence is so rich making the archipelago known for unique French gourmet food in the Pacific. In Noumea, there are more than a hundred snack bars, cafés and fancy restaurants dominating the streets, all offering a mix of European and Asian cuisines.

2.Water activities – the great waters of the archipelago offer spectacular views of the marine life. You can do kite surfing or wind surfing, rent a catamaran, scuba dive or just watch the peaceful movement of the sea.

3.Less tourist, more privacy – New Caledonia is a secluded nation and you’ll find that you’ll spend more time with the locals, showing their everyday life or teaching their local cuisine.

4.Forever spring – enjoy the spring-like season almost the whole year round ranging from 15 to 32 degrees Celsius.

5.The Amedee lighthouse – located 24 kilometres from Noumea and sitting on a marine reserve, this was constructed in 1865 to enable the safe arrival of penal ships from France. Since then, it became a popular tourist destination in Noumea.

6.It’s just a two to three-hour flight from Australia – if you’re flying with Aircalin, it’s just two hours from Brisbane, three hours from Sydney and 4 hours from Melbourne.

7.Shopping– New Caledonia has the best shopping areas in the Pacific with boutiques selling French designer wears, jewelry, crafts, wines and souvenirs. Rue de l’Alma is Noumea’s most popular shopping spot. Art galleries and antique shops are also available.

8.Several islands to choose from – Isle of Pines is a remote island that offers serene paradise, scenic beaches and pine trees, Ouvéa with its long, white sand strip, Lifou’s caves including Grotto D’Avio and The Devil’s Cave.

9.Voh’s heart-shaped mangroves – also called “Coeur de Voh” meaning “Heart of Voh”, this mangrove formation sits on a bed of mud. They play an important role by preventing coastal erosion and helping stabilize the seafloor.

10.Surfing – about two hours from Noumea lies Nekweta Surf Camp where you enjoy hassle-free surfing. Idyllically for intermediate to advanced surfers and guided by an expert.

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