Romantic getaways can be a great way to spend quality time with your partner. These trips can be worth a lifetime and together, you can make the place even more romantic. Amongst the many romantic places that you can take your partner to, Mauritius will be the one on top of the list.

Here is a brief description of some of the most spectacular beaches in Mauritius that will make your stay worthwhile.

1.Trou aux Biches Beach
Located few kilometers south west from Grand Bay in Mauritius, the Trou aux Biches Beach is considered the best beach to be.

It stretches for almost 2 kilometers and the sand quality is just extraordinary. If you want to spend a quiet noon with your partner, then there can be nothing better than this beach.
The weather is always cool here and the tall palm trees will provide that romantic shade whenever you need one.
One of the reasons why you should keep this beach on your tour itinerary booked using the Goibibo is because it is not filled with too many visitors.

2.Ile aux Cerfs
This is the perfect beach to be naughty with your partner. It provides complete privacy to visitors.

However, it would be wise to avoid weekends because the crowd thickens during that time. The water looks crystal clear and you can stroll hand in hand with your partner for a kilometer more to enjoy the emptier waters.
Dawned with palm trees and rocks on the sea, the view is magnificent for a romantic sunset.

3.Mont Choisy
It would be a great miss if you do not visit Mont Choisy when you are in Mauritius. It is one of the longest beaches and also one of the most romantic beaches in the world.

The Casuarina trees together with the turquoise waters will make your time at Mont Choisy the best you ever had with your partner.

In fact, many choose this beach to propose to their girlfriend. So, it can be your turn next!

4.Belle Mare Beach
The great deep lagoon, the serene water, the beautiful shoreline and the white and pristine beach makes Belle Mare Beach one of the most romantic beaches in Mauritius.

The stark combination of various colors of the sand, water and the lush green grassland make it really unique.

5.Gris Gris Beach
Surrounded by various coral reefs, the Gris Gris Beach is known for its superb location.
While you are at Gris Gris beach, you should not miss out on “Roche Qui Pleure”. The constant waves hitting the cliff flanks will make you feel that the cliff cries when the waves are hit.

Most importantly, there are small gardens here and there that will help you relax and spend a good time with your partner.
A trip to Mauritius will be incomplete if you miss out on these breathtaking beaches. Plan the trip so that you can cover these must visit places and spend the time to best effect with your life partner. CouponDekho will help in saving good amount of money.

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