Oman is top 10 safty countries for travel & tourists in the world

Oman has been ranked 9th in terms of safety and security by the World Economic Forum in its latest biennial Travel and Tourism report.

Three Arab nations are listed among the top 10, with Qatar and the UAE ranked 2nd and 3rd behind Finland, the world’s safest nation.

The nations were ranked on the basis of “common crime and violence as well as terrorism, and the extent to which police services can be relied upon to provide protection from crime,” the report states.

“In Oman, we have good diplomatic relations with our neighbours,” said one expat. “People are cultured and peaceful in Oman and the levels of frustration are very low. The government has always kept security measures strong.”

“Overall, Oman is as safe as it gets,” added another. “The streets are very safe at night.”

Yet another expat said this was due to the warm nature of the Omanis. “Omanis, in general, are very fun loving and welcoming in nature,” he explained.

“When a country has a respected and just judicial system where the law does not discriminate between an Omani and a foreigner, the country tends to prosper, as in the case of Oman.

“This is the reason why even expats say ‘Oman is my country,’ because we came as guests but are welcomed as residents.”

While expats were pleased with the level of safety in Oman, the locals, too, felt the same way.

Safest place

“I think anyone can tell you why Oman is the safest place,” said one Omani. “We have good relations globally. The policies and the rule of His Majesty are very flexible, very good and very cooperative. The social clubs of other communities do not face any problems when it comes to organising their programmes.

“Everything is celebrated and they feel at home over here.”

“It’s about the government and the Royal Oman Police. They keep everyone safe,” added another. “It’s all about the humanity here. Most of the people are friendly with everyone else.”

As for the rest of the Arab nations, Saudi Arabia occupied the 29th spot on the list, Jordan was ranked 41st, while Kuwait was two places behind at 43. Bahrain was ranked 71st and the ongoing conflict in Yemen saw the nation plummeting to 139, just two places above Nigeria, which was ranked the least safe nation in the world.

However, nations such as Iraq, North Korea, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Libya were not included at all.

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