TheTravelBoss Advertising Opportunities

TheTravelBoss is the biggest travel site, attracting millions unique visitors in a month who are looking for travel deals and online bookings, comprehensive travel destination information, and traveler tips & reviews for their travel planning needs.

With millions of page views per year and thousands of unique visitors per day, your ad posted on the web sites in the TheTravelBoss will rapidly reach thousands of travellers interested in travel company, travel tips, tour packages, story and many other aspects of travelling.

Where you can generate revenue from

1.  Banner advertising on the Internet is extremely effective for branding awareness. Banners used for advertising are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be static, animated or interactive. Using pop up banners to advertise your business is generally considered bad practice, with many users disabling this feature. The other negative aspect of applying this method of advertising is the illusion that your campaign is a success due to the amount of clicks, where in reality users have accidently clicked the advertisement with the intention of closing it.

Banner advertising should be implemented as a tool for brand awareness with the added advantage of possible visits and even sales from your target audience. With the use of cookies, you can determine how many visitors have arrived at your site through your banner advertisement and even determine which pages, products, or services hold the most interest for users.

Prominently placed Online Banners (with links) are available for

  • Home page, News and Blogs (List and Detail pages), Company Section (List and Detail pages), Members section (List and Detail pages), Festivals and Recipes section (List and Detail pages), Travel Package section (List and Detail pages), Special Pages and Videos Sections.
  • About us, contact us and other static pages

Banner Sizes/Rates:

Top Right Side in header (common for whole site) 150 pixels x 30 pixels $50 par year
Right Side Column 150 pixels x 150 pixels $20 par year
Left Side Column 150 pixels x 150 pixels $20 par year

Bottom Side in footer(common for whole site)

150 pixels x 30 pixels $50 par year

2. Featured Package Posting. provides a separate Admin section to upload tour packages on charges according to the number of package uploaded. The details are mentioned below:

Basic Package of Tour Itenary Upload 50 $50 par month
Unlimited number of package hosting Unlimited $150 par month

3. Featured News/Blog Posting. has a team of content writer. Startup companies and Travel companies can ask the team to create promotional News to be viral on the site. The charges will as follows:

News Announcement with Content writing $50 par post
News Announcement without Content writing from trade team $20 par year

To apply, please contact Mili Thakur by email at

Ads are selected and delivered at random such that every advertiser has their ad appear in all areas of the entire TheTravelBoss. When a web visitor clicks on your ad they will be sent directly to your own web site. Reports of the number of ad images delivered and the number of visitors that clicked on your ad are available after the end of each month.

IMPORTANT ADVERTISING RULES: - TheTravelBoss is a network of family friendly websites. Please only post ads that are appropriate to be viewed by web visitors of all ages. Ads and links to websites that are inappropriate to be seen by children or would be found offensive by our general audience will be removed without prior notice and without refund. To expedite the posting of ads we do not prescreen ads before they are posted. But we will rapidly remove any inappropriate ads that we find or are reported to us. To report an inappropriate ad please send email to Thank you.