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Mango Festival 2019, Delhi Haat, India

 Summers can never be finished without a decent devour tasty mangoes. The general population of Delhi know it well and the Mango Festival in Delhi is a declaration to that. It happens at the Delhi Hatt in Pitampura.

  • Phi Ta Khon Festival in Dan Sai from 16-18 June 2018

     Phi Ta Khon, one of the most colourful traditional festivals of Loei province, is a unique masked procession which takes place during a three-day Buddhist merit-making holiday known locally as Boon Prawat. This annual event, sometimes called...

  • 2018 Purnima Fasting Days

    2018 Purnima Fasting Days  29 Tuesday   Purnima Full Moon   Purnima fasting might be observed either ...

  • Vaikasi Visakam

     Vaikasi Visakam 2018   Vaikasi Visakam is celebrated as birthday of Lord Murugan. It is celebrated during Visakam Nakshatra in Tamil month Vaikasi. Vaikasi is the second Solar month in Tamil Calendar and Visakam is...

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