Devetashkata Cave, Bulgaria

The Devetashka cave is located near village of Devetaki (some 15 km northeast from the town of Lovech) on the right shore of the Osam river. It is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria. It was discovered in 1921, and in 1950s was used as oil depot.

Devetashkata cave is 2.5 km long, and its entrance reaches 35 m in height. Archeologists have proved that the cave was first inhabited sometime in the late palaeolithic era, and served as a home for local inhabitants in the following eras as well – throughout the neolith, eneolith, bronze, and iron eras, the Middle Ages. Some of the most interesting neolithic findings in Bulgaria could be seen in the Devetashka cave.

Nowadays, the cave is declared a monument of culture and a protected natural landmark of national and international significance.

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