• Siggiewi


    • 30-03-2017
    • Malta
    • 2 Hits

    This traditional Maltese village is in southwestern Malta between Rabat and Marsaxlokk in the Girgenti Valley, which begins near the Dingli Cliffs. Th

  • Majuro Atoll

    Majuro Atoll

    • 30-03-2017
    • Marshall Islands
    • 1 Hits

    Oval-shaped Majuro Atoll is the nation's political, economic and transport centre, its 53 islets arcing in a slender 108km ribbon. When Robert Louis S

  • Balata Botanical Gardens

    Balata Botanical Gardens

    • 30-03-2017
    • Martinique
    • 1 Hits

    Owned by a passionate horticulturalist, the Balata Botanical Gardens (Jardin de Balata) near Fort-de-France, feature more than 3,000 species of tropic

  • Chinguetti


    • 30-03-2017
    • Mauritania
    • 2 Hits

    Chinguetti literally emerges from the shifting sand dunes of the mighty Sahara (the hills of dust that surround this one have been encroaching and enc

  • Chamarel Coloured Earth

    Chamarel Coloured Earth

    • 30-03-2017
    • Mauritius
    • 1 Hits

    You will be completely left jaw dropped at the sight of Chamarel Coloured Earth. It is a special tourist attraction since it comprises of sand of seve

  • Petite Terre

    Petite Terre

    • 29-03-2017
    • Mayotte
    • 2 Hits

    The island of Petite Terre, with two villages named Pamandzi and L’Abattoir, is connected to the rock of Dzaoudzi (a sort of poor man’s ve

  • Teotihuacan


    • 29-03-2017
    • Mexico
    • 3 Hits

    In the 2nd century BC a new civilization arose in the valley of Mexico. This civilization built the flourishing metropolis of Teotihuacan and it&rsquo

  • Truk Lagoon

    Truk Lagoon

    • 29-03-2017
    • Micronesia
    • 3 Hits

    Chuuk Lagoon, also known as Truk Lagoon, is a sheltered body of water in the central Pacific. About 1,800 kilometres north-east of New Guinea, it is l

  • Tiraspol


    • 29-03-2017
    • Moldova
    • 2 Hits

    This second biggest city in Moldova is situated close to the Ukrainian border and it remains generally unchanged from the period of the Soviet Union.

  • Monaco Harbor

    Monaco Harbor

    • 28-03-2017
    • Monaco
    • 5 Hits

    At the foot of the cliff, Monaco's harbor is a busy port scene packed with yachts. The square-shaped harbor (Port de la Condamine) was constructed bet

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