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Amba House
22 Deverills Way
Solo Travellers Group Holidays was created in 2011 when the company’s founder, Nena, met with a group of friends to try and organise their next holiday. She’d always been good at organising the trips, but found it was getting increasingly more difficult to find friends to plan a trip with, let alone agree on a destination and budget, or get the same time off work. This was down to the fact that lot of her friends had settled down or wanted to do different things, and after asking around, she found others were experiencing the same problem. Having worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, and having already travelled much of the world, Nena wanted to use her experience and expertise to create a community of like-minded solo travellers who also wanted to explore the world with small groups, share experiences, and make new friends. This is when Solo Travellers Group Holidays was founded as a small independent company with a team that loved to travel and who take pride in going the extra mile to ensure the best customer experience with a personal service.

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