Madhubani - A Land of Art And Architecture

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Bihar is like a book, an ancient page that has been left open over the centuries. Everyone knows about it, but still tourists flock this place to explore more. Nestling in the eastern part of the country on the banks of holy Ganges, Bihar was a medley of Buddhist monasteries during the ancient and medieval period. Surrounded by states with idiosyncratic identity, Bihar sprouts up like a dazzling diamond because of spiritual and materialistic enlightments. Praised to be the sacred womb of two eminent religions - Buddhism and Jainism - Bihar is a solitary masterpiece shimmering with the glory of ancient monuments and world heritage sites. A home to the world's ancient university at Nalanda and benevolent shrines that grant eternal salvation at Gaya, verdant virgin forests of Chotanagpur plateau to the intricate craftsmenship and play of colours in a Madhubani painting, Bihar is truly a place that asks for a holiday vacation.

Situated on the pristine banks of river Ganga, Patna has a history which traces its tail back over two centuries. Once the seat of power of many a powerful dynasties, Patna still reverberates with its ancient name 'Pataliputra', a signature of the rich cultural heritage of this riverine state. Today, Patna is undergoing tremendous change in the commercial as well as tourism sector with many new shopping complexes coming up and newer facilities developing rapidly. Often referred to as the gateway to the golden Buddha circuit in India, Patna also opens channels to many an architectural wonders of the medieval period. Scale up the 29 m high beehive-shaped Gol Mahal (Round Palace) to get magnificent views of river Ganga and Patna city swelling on its shimmering sands. Visit the Khuda Baksh Oriental Library housing rare manuscripts and other ancient artifacts for an insight knowledge about the ancient and medieval culture of East India. One can also see a impressive collection of Hindu and Buddhist terracotta handicrafts, stone and bronze sculpters of gods and goddesses. Don't miss to see the Agam Kuan (unfathomable well), believed to have covert passageways to Delhi and Agra.

Madhubani Paintings - Creating Magic With Colours

Literally, the meaning of Madhubani paintings is simple. It is an impressive work of art practised in the interiors of Mithila region in Bihar that has found a pad in the international market. If you dive deep in this exquisite play of colours, you will discover an arduous craftsmenship by the rural women of this virgin patch of land, offering a vibrant aroma of the folk life. The tradition which dates back to the aegis of Lord Rama, was originally used to decorate the freshly plastered mud wall of huts, but now has found its demeanour in paper, cloth and canvas. Visit the unexplored rural corners of Madhubani, and you will be amazed to see even three dimensional imageries created on paper, springed to life with herbal colours! Plan a holiday vacation during the festivals or religious occassions to experience a closer view of the magic. You can also pick up several beautiful specimens of religious themes to doll up your house or to make your loved ones happy straight from the artisan's house or government emporia that dot the cities.

Madhubani has a number of places having tourist interest from religious, historical and archaeological point of view. Some of the prominent places are Andhratharhi, Balirajpur, Mangrauni, Ucchaith, Bhawanipur, Saurath, Satghara, Bisfi etc. Brief Description of Places of Religious, Historical and Archeological Importance in villages and places and tourist interest in the town of the district:

1. Saurath:

        This is a road side village on Madhubani-Jaynagar road and contains a temple known as Somnath Mahadev. It owes its importance to the annual Sabha held by Maithili Brahmins for negotiating marriages. Many Panjikars who keep the genealogical records of the different families reside here and outside.

2. Kapileswarsthan:

        A village situated nine kilometers from Madhubani District Head Quarter. The village is noted for its Shiva Temple, also known as Kapileswarsthan. Numerous devotees congregate at the temple every Monday and particularly in the month of Shravan. A large fair is also held on the occasion of Maha Shiva Ratri.

3. Uchaitha:

        The village in Benipatti block is noted for its temple of Bhagwati on the western bank of river Thumne. According to a legend, the renowned Sanskrit poet and dramatist Kalidas was blessed by Bhagwati at this place.

4. Bhawanipur:

        It is a large village situated 5kms from the block headquarter of Pandaul, the village is noted for its temple of Ugaranath and traditional association with famous poet, Vidyapati. As the legend says, Vidyapati was such a great devotee of Lord Shiva that the latter began to serve Vidyapati as his servant named Ugana.

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