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 The Scenic Janjehli valley, 67 Km from Mandi, is a tranquil and calm place. The Beauty of which is enhanced by its lush surroundings and soothing greenery. The Valley can be used as the base for a variety of treks to places like Shikari Devi, Chindi, Karsag and Shoja. Apart from rest houses. HPTDC  has good accommodation facilities at Janjehli and Chindi. It is at a distance of 85 km from Mandi, Janjehli is one of the virgin tourist place, where tourists find serene beauty of nature. It is also a paradise for hikers, offering treks up to a height of 3,300 metres. After covering 32 km by a motorable road up to Gohar and rest of the journey is on foot. In the midest of thick forest, forests (15 km from Gohar) is Bajahi.There is a beautiful and well furnished rest house to stay overnight, from here Janjehli is a scant 20 km away through bridle path. The famous unique temple of Shikari Devi is about 15 km from Janjehli. In this valley tourists can also visit Kamrunag temple and sacred lake there.

The journey to Janjehli, a little village in the Himalayas will be an enchanting and fascinating experience. Situated at a height of 2150 metres in Thunag tehsil, Mandi district. With no frills of modernity here, it is a refreshing break from routine and packaged holidays. Janjehli offers interesting one-day treks.You can undertake a 16-km trek from Janjehli to Karsog. It can be covered in about eight hours. About 6-km from Janjehli, you come across Bulah, an open ground with lush green meadows. It looks strikingly similar to Gulmarg. On your way you will come across a number of natural springs. After Bulah, the next stop is Rajgarh followed by Gurah and finally you reach Karsog. In the evening you can trek back to Janjehli. Another one-day trek from Janjehli could be to Budah Kaidar, at a height of 9000 feet. A trek to Magru Galu, a high mountainous pass can be exciting, too. From Magru Galu you get a beautiful view of Pandoh and Mandi.The fourth trek from Janjehli could be to Rampur, which is 40 km away. The first halt comes atChetu followed by Cheeura, Swad, Loori and finally you reach Rampur. Yet another adventurous expedition can be undertaken to Gadagushaini and Banjarwhich is again 40 km from Janjehli. A number of foreign tourists visit Banjar which is famous for its wildlife sanctuary. You can even camp en route.

Around Janjheli

Shikari Devi Temple: Tranquility for trekkers at a height of 3,332 metres above sea level. Captivating sunrise and sunset from the temple is soul stirring. You can reach the place from Karsog via Bakrot ( Chindi ) or via Gohar ( Budhakedar ).

Shaily Peak: A natural peak with greenery everywhere and breezy environment, Shaily peak is one of the natural peaks in Naldehra. One can go straight to Shailey peak if feeling adventurous and enthusiastic for some trekking. The road to Shaily peak is memorable, the scenery around Khatnol is experiencing, and one can start climbing from this place, through steep trekking.

Chindi: This little hamlet in an apple growing area is blessed with breathtaking beauty. There are numerous small temples of considerable antiquity not too far away. Chindi, easily approachable via Tatta Pani from Shimla. It is 107 km. from Mandi.

Karsog valley: Karsog valley in the Mandi district is famous for apple orchards and dense forests. In the Karsog area Kamaksha Devi and Mahunag are the famous temples. Karsog is situated at a distance of 125 km from Mandi and is also accessible from Shimla (100 km) via Tattapani. The place Tattapani is famous for hot water springs on the side of Satluj river.

 Fast Facts:
Climate: In winter, the temperature can however around freezing point when heavy woollen clothes are required. During summer, the climate is hot and cottons are recommended.
Altitude: Janjheli is situated at an altitude of 2150 mtrs.
Best time to visit: All the year round.
 How to Reach:
Air: The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti 75 km..
Rail: Shimla is nearest railway staion of the narrow gauge rail track from Shimla to Kalka.
Road: Janjheli is 67 km from Mandi. Taxis and buses to Janjheli are available at all major stations.

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