The name Bitola has been mentioned since X century.The remains of Heraclea Linkestis (2km from the center of Bitola) are proof of the existence of an ancient town founded by Macedonian King Philip II in the 4th century B.C.Historically, Bitola was situated on the well known Roman road Via Ignatia, which enabled it to be a relevant economic, administrative, educational, medical, diplomatic and cultural center.

Bitola with over 90.000 citizens is the second largest city in Republic of Macedonia and spreads over area 1.716km2. It is located 630m above sea level 175km from the Capital Skopje, 180km from Thessaloniki and only 15km from the Greek border.Bitola, a town with a rich tradition and turbulent historic past, today is a regional industrial, economic, educational (University), scientific and cultural center of the South-West part of the Country.

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