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 The FIBULA Tourist Company started operating in the Kosovo market in 2001. It was founded in Antalya - Turkey in 1995, and has started tourism operations in the Balkan since 1999 in Sarajevo. In the following year, offices were opened in Skopje and Bucharest and from 2001 to Zagreb and Belgrade. The FIBULA Tourist Company has grown into one of the largest agencies in the region during years of experience.

Currently working FIBULA offices in Antalya, Sarajevo, Pristina, Skopje, Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Belgrade are working successfully.
FIBULA is one of the most renowned names in the tourism industry in Kosovo. The company, among many other services, organizes package deals for the Turkish Riviera, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for well-known European states, Central Asia and the Far East Maldives, Thailand etc.
The FIBULA Tourist Board together with nearly 200 faithful agents with whom it cooperates throughout the year, is able to accommodate approximately 6,000 tourists to Turkey such as Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Kushadasi and Marmaris during the summer season and around 10,000 tourists to various world destinations throughout the whole year.
The FIBULA Tourist Company in Pristina is the first company that has operated flights in the country since 2001. The first charter flight was offered once a week to Antalya and three times a week to Istanbul with Atlas Jet company doing so regular destination and competing with Turkish national companies for years. During all these years the FIBULA Tourist Company in Pristina has added flights to Antalya, gradually flying up to five times a week during the summer season.
The FIBULA Tourist Company in 2004 has organized a flight schedule once a week to Tunis.
In these 14 years of customer service we have expanded the services also in ticketing (ticket sales) where in 2010 we were registered as IATA - BSP members with sales authority for 30 regular airline companies.
The FIBULA Tourist Company is licensed by MTI since 2006.

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