The Beer Festival, 2016 Oktoberfest Argentina

During the month of October, thousands of people make the pilgrimage every year to this Cordoba city to participate in one of the most anticipated events: the National Beer Festival.

Every year, during the month of October, the mountain range district of Villa General Belgrano dresses up to celebrate the traditional National Beer Festival. This festival commemorates the Oktoberfest, the pagan ritual originated in Munich, Germany, five centuries ago, in which the sparkling goddess that enters the body like an icy stream as she takes hold of the spirit is worshipped.

This event is celebrated during eleven intense days in the Beer Village (a new venue especially designed for the festival). The attendants drink several liters of beer, which are served in giant German mugs.

The main beer trademarks, both national and international, take part in this particular festival, in which their premium, traditional and special products are promoted in various stands.

But not everything is beer at the Villa General Belgrano Oktoberfest, in the beer garden there are also several stands with traditional German dishes, such as Frankfurt sausages, the mandatory leber-wurst, smoked pork ribs and the well-known sausages with chucrut. When it is time for dessert, there is hardly any hesitation, the selva negra cake (chocolate sponge cake with cream and morellos fruit) and the Apfelstrudel (apple pie with puff pastry) are applauded by everyone.

At times, the celebration moves onto the center of the city, where there is a parade of the communities that have contributed to the formation of the present cosmopolitan identity of Villa General Belgrano. Thus, delegations from Germany, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, the Canary Islands, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Armenia and Ukraine show off their typical costumes, broadening up the cultural spectrum of the festival remarkably.

In the afternoons, the simultaneous opening of the beer barrels is carried out. People gather with their mugs up trying to get some of the free spurts of beer. According to tradition, drinking the beer from those barrels is supposed to bring people good luck.

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