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Thank you for visiting Selena Travel Mongolia website, and for your support of responsible travel. With the warmest welcome we at Selena Travel Mongolia LLC are inviting you to take part in our famous well-arranged, safe and educational tours, travel packages and ground travel services in Mongolia, China, Russia and Tibet. You will enjoy our 11 kinds of fantastic tour discounts (more will come soon!) as well as handy bonus services. We work hard to fulfill our guests' travel wishes and needs and make their dream tour in Asia.

Our website is a well-known extensive database of Mongolian travel info and is dedicated to everyone, not only for the people traveling to Mongolia, but also for the ones who would like to know about Russia, China and Tibet.

tour operator sertificate of Selena Travel by Ministry of Road, Transportation and Tourism of MongoliaSelena Travel Mongolia LLC is one of daughter companies of Selena Travel Group that consists of "Selena Travel Mongolia" LLC, "Selena Travel Italia" LLC "Selena Travel China" LLC, "Solid Ways" Travel Agency and "Steppe Nomads" Tourist Resort.

The history of SELENA TRAVEL GROUP starts with "Selena" Co. Ltd, established in 1993 working in the fields of nature resources management and environmental research and consulting. The company expanded its business into travel and tourism in 1998. Since then Selena Travel has been working to care, take responsibility and to exceed your expectations.

Today Selena Travel Mongolia LLC is the leading and most experienced tour operator in Mongolia with the official permission of Ministry of Road, Transportation and Tourism of Mongolia, a trusted member of PATA, JATA and Mongolian Tourism Association.

Location: Selena Travel Group Bldg., Peace Avenue -79,
10th Microdictrict, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar city

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    Not happy overall but online booking site was easy to navigate

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    Zolta Hui

    Visa service was not nominal.

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    shivon singh

    Wonderful experience! Staff is friendly. Clean, modern rooms with good space. Excellent experience. I highly recommend. Great value for the price.

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    Really nice colonial looking hotel.

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    Everything was good. Friendly staff. Room was excellent. Food was good too. Valet was pricey. It took 15 minutes to receive our car. Decided to use other parking garage because it was cheaper and it was faster.

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