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Dave and Dianne Birney have been cultural travelers for many years. We are also business partners, life partners, and have together parented four well-traveled children.

We have always wanted to incorporate cultural immersion style travel into our life paths. We also wanted to support independent travel and to use the resources that we have, by virtue of living in a developed nation to help those without these resources. When a letter came from our Rasta friend Mokko (Jamaican Roots Rasta) stating his eagerness to draw more travelers to his guest house and need to get the word out, suddenly all our ideas came together in an epiphany which has become Worlds Together Travel Network.

Dave has traveled internationally for over 35 years. He is an avid photographer, videographer and humorist. He enjoys romantic dinners and long walks on the beach.

Midwife turned web mother, beer brewer who loves to travel, Dianne has many interests including writing about cool places to go and making that information available for all to share. Drop her a line, she would be thrilled!

Their children, Alice, Ben, Caroline and Sarah are becoming adept travelers who help to seek out new destinations as they pursue their respective careers.

We hope you enjoy this virtual tour, and that it opens some adventures for you.

Dave & Dianne Birney
2976 Okemos Road
Mason, MI 48854

  • Location: Ta'if, United States
  • Category: Travel Guides

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