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 This is our absolute favourite product! We promise that your team will engage with each other, thoroughly enjoy their session and go back to work happier and more productive.

Our instructors are inspirational. The challenges on the day may seem really easy – how difficult is it to fill a drainpipe with water or build a bridge when all the materials are supplied – however when it comes to doing the work people become competitive, bossy, totally out of character.
This creates a better working connection for your team back at in the office.
Depending on the number of attendees, available time, as well as the primary focus of the session, (icebreaker or team bonding and trust games), we can arrange a wide variety of pursuits desert, mountain, beach and city based.
Destination Insight will listen to what your company needs from the session and build the ideal alignment of challenges.
Destination Insight
Office 107, Building B, Diamond Business Centre, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Al Barsha South 3, PO Box 33829
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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