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This history begins already in the year 1993, when Andre Goatham arrived during Christmas break along with his Swiss colleague. The country, the mentality and the beautiful weather pleased the two Swiss so much, that they again travelled one year later for two weeks to Panama.

Already in 1996 brought the love the today business owner back to Central America, whereby he decided then 1999, to definitely stay in Changuinola, in the midst of a large Chiquita bananas plantation. It was from the beginning Andres goal to develop his own business. After evaluating various possibilities, he decided to open a travel agency in order to increase the popularity of his new home. In 2001, GAPA TRAVEL was founded.


Apartado 0831-00048, Paitilla, Edificio Mirasol, Local 5, Calle Ramon H. Jurado Panama City, Panama

  • Location: Panama City, Panama
  • Category: Tour Operators

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