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Blue Ice Explorer is a locally based tourism operator in Narsarsuaq managed by Jacky Simoud. Jacky, who hails from France, first came to Greenland with some friends on a sailboat in 1976.

The group had planned to stay for a year in Greenland, but Jacky was “bitten by the Arctic bug” – and has been living on the island ever since! In 1996, he moved from North Greenland to the South, where he started making a living sailing tourists with his charming old wooden boat Puttut. In 2002, Jacky initiated a close collaboration with Topas.

Since then, Blue Ice has grown to become a company that employs several staff members during the summer season. Blue Ice Explorer is jointly owned by Jacky and Topas (50% each).


P.O. Box 58
GL-3923 Narsarsuaq

  • Location: Napasoq, Greenland
  • Category: Tour Operators

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