Wild Planet Safari is a small group / private tour operator concentrating on personal attention and service. Our passion for South Africa wildlife and people is extraordinary and easy to see. We have spent years exploring every inch of this land and we want to share this knowledge and experience with you.

South Africa, an extremely diverse destination filled with wilderness, adventure and excitement, is one of the truly great holiday destinations on the planet.

Forming the tip of Africa, it is the place where east meets west, with a vast mix of cultures and flora and fauna found nowhere else.

From the cool Atlantic Ocean on the west, with unique coastlines and cities surrounded by mountains to the warm Indian Ocean on the east, with beautiful beaches and a relaxing atmosphere. National Parks filled with wild animals and the high altitude interior with its endless grasslands and a massive mountain range that leads up to it - South Africa has something for everyone.

Amazing mountains, perfect sunsets, stunning birdlife, many mammal species, a cultural hot pot and unspoilt beaches make South Africa the most rewarding choice for your holiday.

Our passion for wildlife, pride in service and perfect itineraries make Wild Planet Safari the most rewarding choice for your safari.

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