Airport warning over Christmas crackers on a flight over the coming holiday

Crackers, party poppers, snow globes and brandy butter are all on the festive no-fly list, says airport.

Travellers should be careful where they stash the crackers if they''re taking presents and Christmas paraphernalia on a flight over the coming holiday.

Southampton Airport has issued a reminder to passengers that the innocent Christmas cracker takes on a more sinister aspect in the air.

Most airlines outlaw them, although Flybe allows a maximum of 12, sealed in the original packaging, to be carried in the hold. As for party poppers, forget it. They are not permitted anywhere on any aircraft flying in or out of Southampton.


And take care when you''re packing your presents. According to Neil Garwood, Head of Customer Service at Southampton Airport, even childrens’ snow globes can cause problems since they contain liquid and must be packed in hold baggage, as must sports bats, toy guns and water pistols.

You''re on safe ground with Christmas cakes, Christmas puddings and mince pies, all of which can be carried in hand luggage, but liquid accompaniments such as brandy butter or custard must go in the hold, along with gifts such as olive oil, chutney or pâtés.

And Mr Garwood advises travellers to be wary of those cheese board gift sets that include a knife – these need to be packed away in hold luggage too.

You need to be on your guard if you''re keeping food cold with an ice pack – these count as liquids and can''t be carried in hand luggage. And that weeding fork or the secatuers you''ve bought your gardening-mad aunt could cause you all sorts of problems if you try to take them on board - as will any toiletries over 100ml.

All in all, it might be easier to travel by train this Christmas.

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