Book Yogic Manager connecting mythology with Wellness Tourism launched

Avinash B. Sharma launched his business novel, Yogic Manager, at a recent event in Mumbai.  Dr. Radhakrishanan Pillai, Author, Corporate Chanakya was the Chief Guest of the event. Yogic Manager uses Mahabharata as a plot set in the corporate world, in a management consulting firm. Commenting on the book, Sharma said, “The book focuses on Wellness Tourism in India not just as an upcoming segment but a highly potential one too. With the growing popularity of the segment, there is much demand for Wellness Tourism, especially in a diversified country like India, which has so much to offer from yoga to Ayurveda to ancient healing methodology.”

Sharma went on to say, “I think there are challenges in terms of infrastructure, but if you look at it from the global perspective, I don’t think any country is better suited for Wellness Tourism than India because it has such a rich heritage and not just in practices which are Ayurveda, yoga and so many others but also in history, culture, architectural beauty. All of this could be clubbed together to make it a very holistic experience for the foreign tourists. Once the infrastructural issues are taken care of I believe India is going to do very well in this field”.  

Yogic Manager recreates Arjuna’s crisis so people who know about the epic would know that he is a powerful warrior, but just when the war is about to start he faces a moral crisis and doesn’t know how to proceed and fight against the people he cares about like Dronacharya. To help him in the crisis he gets Bhagvat Geeta from Lord Krishna; the book tries to recreate his character through a knowledgeable worker, a management consultant, Arjun Atmanand. He faces a crisis with his conscious; to deal with it he gets spiritual advice. The firm he works with is called Charactera Consulting, similar to the battle field of Kurukshetra. The book is about how one can apply ancient Indian teachings in the modern corporate world. The story is a medium on how to apply yoga and Vedic philosophy to work.

There are a lot of ancient teachings in India which can be applied to management, this novel is targets anyone who wants to try something different from ancient Indian perspective and challenge conventional thinking. “It is a trend that has a lot of potential in the future. Yoga as an activity and business has grown a lot in the western world. Right now yoga is a multi-billion dollar industry and I think it has got a lot more potential than just the exercises and breathing. And my book is an attempt to show a more holistic view of yoga which is, that it can be used for spiritual growth and intellectual growth and not just your health,” Sharma said.

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