Red Bull edit 21,000 Instagram pics into stop-motion film of Cliff Diving event

The Red Bull Cliff Diving competition in Wales has been documented in a striking video, stitched together using Instagram photos.

Red Bull has released this "stop-motion" film, comprised of thousands of photos taken by Instagram users at a recent cliff-diving event in Wales.

Several of the world''s top divers went to the competition on the Pembrokeshire coastline on September 14, which involved ten athletes performing dives from a 27m-high platform.

Stitched together using pictures shot over a few hours, the two-minute long video takes viewers on a journey around the Blue Lagoon, the scenic coastal location where the event was held. The "stop motion" footage shows the build-up to the event, some of the acrobatics that took place on the day and the crowd''s reaction to the dives.

Around 5,000 people attended to see Gary Hunt, a local favourite, manage to win his home round by just 1.65 points. It was the sixth stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013.


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