Turkish destination management company goes green

Turkey’s leading Destination Management Company, ODS, has demonstrated a compassion for the environment and responsible actions for many years. The company has developed a number of innovative concepts, promoting awareness among suppliers, clients, and staff – integrating a “green concept” into all levels of the business. Those efforts recently earned Green Globe certification.

“Our entire ODS Turkey team is very proud to achieve this prestigious recognition,” said Sadik Caglar, Managing Director at ODS. “It is our philosophy to promote and actively live sustainability, and with the Green Globe award our competency is now made official. We will continue to improve our performance, and it will be the task of each our team member to protect and enhance the environment, contributing to a better future for generations to come.”

ODS has implemented a variety of eco-friendly and energy-saving measures: LED lighting is installed on the first floor of the building, all electrical appliances at the office are rated “A class” in terms of energy consumption, a strict recycling policy is in place, and recycled products are purchased wherever possible. To ensure quality sustainability, ODS has developed their own exclusive system called Treecom. All ODS projects are monitored through this system and brought to life.

“We feel the Responsibility” is the motto here, and ODS Turkey is immersed in numerous activities and foundations that give back to the community and environment. The company makes regular contributions to TEGV, the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, supporting the basic education of children to help them gaining life skills for a brighter future. Each year, a fixed percentage of the profit is allocated to fund a selection of Turkish local and regional non-profit organisations. Clients are invited to participate with a visit or even an activity including a specific charity in their events. ODS focuses on Morcati – a women’s shelter foundation, LOSEV – a foundation for children with leukemia, and WWF – the World Wildlife Fund.

ODS is passionate about organising fundraisers and volunteer events that benefit the local community. Some of these events include repairing school buildings, planting trees, or organising clean-up days, especially in underprivileged neighborhoods. Clients and suppliers are always encouraged to join the ODS team at any of those events.


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