The H Dubai, the first hotel in the city to earn the Certified Autism Center™ designation, recently hosted another successful Craft Workshop at the Dubai Autism Center (DAC) on February 29th. The initiative comprised members of the hotel coming to engage the children and guide them on how to create decorative Ramadan paper lanterns. Championing the spirit of compassion and inclusivity this Ramadan, the event was a remarkable success for everyone involved, with the stunning lanterns that were crafted now on display at Eat & Meat restaurant within The H Dubai, along with a message to support DAC’s fundraising efforts. 

Striving to create a positive impact on society wherever possible, The H Dubai has long been an advocate of social responsibility and sustainability. Its continued efforts to give back led it to earn the Certified Autism Center™ designation in 2023, a prestigious accolade awarded to organisations that demonstrate a high level of commitment to ensuring their services accommodate autistic and sensory-sensitive individuals.
Aiming to further engage the children on the spectrum and support them in every way possible, the hotel has expanded its partnership with DAC to create a more compassionate and understanding society, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and valued. The H Dubai is also planning to organise a series of fundraising activities, events, workshops, and vocational training for children at DAC in the near future. 
The Craft Workshop at DAC was an overwhelming success, taking place just a few days before the holy month of Ramadan begins. During the event, a specialised team from the hotel, including various enthusiastic volunteers, went to the centre and had a wonderful time engaging with 10 children on the spectrum. The schedule for the event included a captivating session where every child had the chance to explore their creative side and create beautiful paper lanterns, a symbol of the sacred essence of Ramadan.
Following the engaging workshop, The H Dubai team collected all the incredible lanterns and brought them back to the hotel to be part of its Ramadan decorations. Striving to promote awareness about the importance of inclusivity and support for children on the spectrum, the lanterns are now displayed at Eat & Meat restaurant alongside a message to promote the ongoing fundraising for DAC. 
During Ramadan, The H Dubai will be hosting a series of additional activities to support the community, including iftar feasts for children on the spectrum and their families in collaboration with DAC and Georgetown Early Intervention Center. In support of homegrown brands, an immersive Arabian Souk will takeover the magnificent lobby throughout the holy month, which will allow local businesses to showcase and sell their goods to guests. This authentic souk will also welcome diners to indulge in delightful iftar spreads, where children under 12 years old can dine for free as a treat from the hotel. 
Sophie Blondel, General Manager of The H Dubai, remarked on this heartfelt event, saying, 
“We are proud to have hosted this Ramadan Craft Workshop at Dubai Autism Center, marking another step on our journey towards giving back to the community. Witnessing the joy and creativity of the children was truly heartwarming, and we look forward to further enriching the lives of those we serve and spreading compassion and unity within our community.”
The H Dubai continues to pave the way for a more understanding and supportive society, staying in line with the city-wide accessibility movement initiated by Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET). Embodying the true spirit of unity and compassion in the city, The H Dubai remains steadfast in its mission to create opportunities for meaningful engagement, empowerment, and enrichment for all individuals.

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