Social travel leads to surge in community-oriented experiences

  • 13-11-2019
  • The Palms
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The trend in social travel has influenced how backpackers, especially solo and student travellers, are looking at simple travel facilities.

Today, the concept of social travel is changing the outlook of travel as travellers of various age groups prefer to experience the destination’s culture and meet solo travellers who prefer exploring while using basic facilities such as backpacker hostels Social travel is a recent trend among the travellers in India which is increasing as there is growth in the number of solo travellers and group travellers, students who have taken a break from India and abroad, student community and young Indian entrepreneurs preferring backpacker hostels not only for accommodation but also for meeting travellers across the globe.

Uday Jhamb, CEO & Founder, Roadhouse Hostels, says, “The trend of social travel is increasing at a rapid pace and so is the need for products and services that support this trend. We require the government to promote and regulate the growth in this segment; the same will help us ease business with minimal paperwork and permissions.”

Backpacker hostels have now created a segment of their own and the focus is on the community aspect of living and is definitely going to become an entirely new segment in the industry. The backpacker hostels are also a platform for various offsite meetings, retreats for small groups and startups. Backpacker hostels are also a social space for people to mingle and for various in house activities guided tours, heritage walks, food tours, cycling tours, pub hopping, barbecue nights, cooking classes , movie night, football games, singing and dancing around bonfire, musical performances, board games, city tours, games nights, night tours, yoga classes, cooking classes, henna sessions, puppet shows, slam poetry nights, stand-up comedy and also attracts crowds to be part of their various events. The industry reports indicate that 35% of the millennials are choosing hostels with the intention to meet other travellers and have a memorable learning experience through the exchange of new thought, ideas and backgrounds. The growth in backpacker hotels has been good in 2016 as the travellers are mostly from the millennial generation and the numbers of travellers are increasing over the years. So the growth in social travel is likely to grow tremendously in the future.

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