Arunachal Govt cancle registration of private buses from other states

The cold war among private travels in the State has severely hit the private buses as Transport Department of Arunachal Pradesh has cancelled registrations of tourist coaches and sleeper coaches after a complaint by some political leaders of Andhra Pradesh.

The orders will affect around 700 private buses in both Telugu States and of them 400 are being run from Andhra Pradesh. The registrations of all these buses were earlier made in Arunachal Pradesh.


  •     Arunachal Pradesh Transport Dept issues order cancelling registration of buses
  •     Around pvt 700 buses plying in AP and Telangana reportedly registered in that State
  •     Transport authorities of Arunachal Pradesh allege that the bus registrations were made without physical verification
  •     Registrations were made without verification of prescribed dimensions and specifications of motor vehicles
  •     Some private travel owners allege conspiracy hatched by a TDP leader led to the move by Arunachal Pradesh
  •     However, the private travels yet to receive orders cancelling registration of buses
  •      Management of Pvt travels plan to approach court

A leading travel agency owner who has a professional rivalry with a TDP MP told The Hans India that the fresh development was part of taking revenge of the TDP leader on his rivals.

 “The controversy is the result of practicing politics of revenge by the TDP MP after his decision to close his travel agency,” he alleged.

Arunachal Pradesh Department of Transport issued an order stating that the tourist buses and sleeper coaches registered at District Transport Offices are plying in other States in violation of the provisions of the Central Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle rules 1989.

Arunachal Pradesh Transport Commissioner B Sriram said registration of the vehicles was made without physical verification, address verification and verification of prescribed dimensions and specifications of motor vehicles mandated under section CMV Act and CMV rules.

 The travel owners have to reside temporarily or permanently in the State and the starting point or last destination of the buses should be in the State where they were registered as per rules. “District transport officers cancel the registration of all such buses immediately under section 55 of CMV Act and direct the proprietors of such vehicles to report these vehicles to the nearest police station,” he said.

The Arunachal Pradesh Transport Department also sent the order copies to Director General of Police (DGP) and State Transport authorities of concerned States.Orange Travels owner Sunil Reddy said that around 400 private buses were being run from the State to various destinations in Telangana, Karnataka. “Arunachal Pradesh authorities have to issue show-cause notices seeking our clarification before cancel of registration. We have not received such notices yet,” he said.

However, a travel agency owner alleged that the hand of a Telugu Desam MP was behind the issue. “He had lodged a complaint with Arunachal Pradesh government through another MP of his party recently,” he said.The controversy erupted after Kesineni Travels called off its services alleging unfair practices and corruption by the State Transport Department.

However, the Transport Department officials did not respond over the fresh developments even as questions are being raised as to why the State Transport Department was allowing such bus services even while they are plying in violation of CMV Act. 
When The Hans India tried to contact Transport Commissioner, Joint Commissioner (road safety) and Deputy Transport Commissioner, they did not answer phone calls.

Sunil Reddy said they would approach the court after receiving orders from Arunachal Pradesh authorities. Travel operators have to pay Rs 7.2 lakh annual tax to transport department if the buses are registered in AP and Telangana while it is just Rs 18,000 per annum in Eastern States such as Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

As per rules, permissions should not be given to sleeper coaches but Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh have been issuing permissions.“AP gives permissions to buses with a capacity of 24 berths only while Arunachal Pradesh gives 36 berths,” Sunil Reddy said.

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