Monaco to host Travel Network Group conference

The Travel Network Group has confirmed Monaco will host its 2017 conference.

The two-day event, from 19-21 November, will take place at the luxury Fairmont Hotel in the heart of Monte Carlo.

"Following our successful conferences of the past, and especially the last one on-board Celebrity's Eclipse in 2016, we knew we needed to find a destination that was extra special and one that members would love to visit," said CEO Gary Lewis.

"In Monaco I believe we will have totally surpassed members' expectations."

He said members would appreciate it being only two hours away flying time from UK, with excellent flight links, and a good climate in the winter months.

"We made a commitment to our Members some years ago that we will always try and find destinations that are 'new' for conferences and we have achieved this over the years," said Lewis.

He hopes to have around 400 delegates at the event.

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