Brits must be able to travel visa-free across Europe

MINISTERS are considering how to make it easier for Britons to holiday in France and Spain post-Brexit, amid calls for visa-free travel across Europe.

Conservative Nigel Huddleston (Mid Worcestershire) said the UK must make clear to the EU member states during negotiations that it is in their interests to help British travellers visit them.

Brexit minister David Jones said the issue was being examined, with the ultimate aim being "frictionless" arrangements.

British passport holders can currently travel throughout the EU member states without having to apply for short-term visas although there are questions over future post-Brexit arrangements.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Huddleston told Mr Jones: "About nine million Brits will visit France this year and 15 million will visit Spain, and about 4.5 million French will visit the UK and about 2.5 million Spaniards.

"Will the Government be seeking visa-free travel for tourism across Europe post-Brexit?

"And in those negotiations will he be making it clear that it's very much in our European friends' interests to do so?"

Mr Jones replied: "You are right to highlight the importance of the two-way tourist industry in Europe.

"These are issues we're considering but I can assure you our aim is frictionless arrangements."

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