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Everyone from Amy Schumer to Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp have visited the remote island in the Exumas, where the now Insta-famous pigs spend their days swimming in the clear, warm Caribbean sea and waiting for their celebrity fans to visit. Their fame even means they've graduated from social media to music videos – appearing in Pitbull's video for Timber – so basically: we give it a year until these fame-hungry pigs are on Celebrity Big Brother.

But it's not just rich celebs: you can visit too, and heat travelled to Nassau in the Bahamas – from where you can take a two-hour boat ride to where the Insta-stars live on their own private paradise island at Big Major Cay – for the trip of a lifetime to swim with the wild pigs, all to celebrate the release of Angry Birds: The Movie on DVD the pigs in the film have their own island.

How the pigs got to the islands is a hotly contested question: heat heard stories about everything from a shipwreck that marooned a pair of pigs on the island to escaped farm animals, but the truth is actually a bit more boring: the Bahamian National Trust tells us that the owner of the island just wanted to farm pork without building fences. Oh.


Even if you're not Johnny Depp – who bought his own private island, called Little Halls Pond Cay, in the Bahamas after falling in love with the area while filming Pirates Of The Caribbean in 2004 – you can visit the pigs. A day's boat trip to the Exumas, leaving from Nassau and including a visit to Pig Island, feeding iguanas on their own private island, lunch and the chance to swim with nurse sharks was £300, and yes, we know it's a trotter money (groan), but it's a once in a lifetime experience.who even provide carrots to feed your new porky friends. Beware: phone covers can get mistaken for food, so be careful when you're trying to get a swine selfie.


When Jennifer Lawrence visited the area earlier this year, she stayed at a private house in Baker's Bay Ocean Club, in Great Guana Cay. But we're assuming you don't have £50k lying around, so we'd recommend the Comfort Suites Paradise Island, a 30-minute, £27 taxi from Nassau airport and from £170 per room per night, including access to the pool bar and the posh water park at the Atlantis across the road, which is the biggest resort we've ever seen and has a waterslide that takes you through a shark tank. It's more fun than it sounds, honest.


When Jay Z decided to propose to Beyonce, he took her to Nassau's posh Greycliff estate, a former royal residence that has the most beautiful entrance foyer we've ever seen, which is where Jay went down on one knee in front of the surprised staff. You can visit the estate, with its two restaurants, swimming pool and chocolate factory on its own, but heat visited as part of a three-hour, 1.3 mile walking Bahamian food tour (trubahamianfoodtours.com, £54 including all food) where you learn about Nassau's history while eating traditional food like a hog and then trick yourself into thinking you've walked off the calories.


J-Law was spotted drinking Kalik, one of two local beers in the Bahamas (the other is called Sands). But the big drink in Nassau is Sky Juice, a combination of coconut water, condensed milk and rum (or gin). It's coconut water, so it's healthy, right?

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