A goat travelling to Singapore escaped onto Adelaide airport tarmac

A wild goat chase has taken place on the tarmac of an Australian airport.

The black goat escaped onto the tarmac of Adelaide Airport, from a crate to be loaded onto a flight to either Malaysia or Singapore.

The incident happened at about 7.30am on Monday morning, with an 'unsuccessful dash to freedom,' reported The Telegraph. An Adelaide Airport spokesman told 7News that: 'It took authorities 15 minutes to recapture the goat.'

Amusement from onlookers of the bizarre event were posted on Twitter, with some users commenting, 'this is a joke right?'


ABC broadcaster Matthew Abraham posted a picture of the goat and said: '891 brekky listener reports a goat on the loose at Airport. No kidding.'

A spokesperson from Adelaide Airport told The Sydney Morning Herald: 'There were no disruptions to services and the goat remained mostly on a regional tarmac towards the back of the terminal.'

Although passengers of a regional flight were held back for a few extra minutes while the goat was corralled into a 'dead end' at the other end of the Tarmac.

Adelaide Airport is currently the fourth-largest domestic airport and sixth-largest international airport in Australia. It is the aviation gateway to South Australia and processes more than 7.7 million passengers annually.

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