Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority North America has launched

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority North America has launched “Prix Fixe Ur Summer”, a promotion capitalizing on the ever-popular prix fixe menu across fine dining restaurants in North America.

The destination is including all resort summer packages and tours and attractions specials under the same offer. The new cost savings campaign will be available to visitors during the months of June through September and seeks to position Antigua and Barbuda as a fun escape for families who are seeking value when planning their summer vacation. More than fifteen participating vendors have signed on to the initiative and have offered their best rates and a variety of discounts to visitors.

“As summer is traditionally a heavy travel period for families, the one thing synonymous with Antigua and Barbuda’s Prix Fixe ‘Ur Summer promotion is value and cost savings and we are confident that our clients will make wise choices by switching their plans and escaping to Antigua and Barbuda this summer”, said Marie Walker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing North America. Walker also stated, “This promotion would be of even greater value to existing clients who would recognize the great savings on their ‘tried’ and enjoyed favorites on island.”


Walker also confirmed, that “Prix Fixe ‘Ur Summer is in keeping with the ABTA’s commitment to building public/private sector programs that will stimulate business and reap greater returns on investment. Initiatives such as this are the way forward in a highly competitive environment and calls for all stakeholders working together in creative and innovative ways.

The new campaign will take on a multi-channel integrated marketing communications approach that will include driving awareness and engagement across traditional and non-traditional platforms to include direct-to-consumer initiatives with partners such as Trip Advisor, travel agent outreach, public relations and a strategic social media campaign.

ABTA CEO, Colin James, endorsed the collaborative initiative. “The ABTA recognizes that the travel industry is constantly evolving and in order to increase arrivals and create repeat visitors to the island, we must continue to be strategic in order to remain competitive”, said James. “We definitely see this initiative being of great value to the destination, especially during the slow season. We have to commit to creating programs that will entice visitors to our shores not just during the winter season, but all year round. The ABTA is fully supporting the “Prix Fixe ‘Ur Summer” program and look forward to more initiatives of this magnitude and approach,” continued James.

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