The Savaiian Hotel

  • 18-03-2017
  • Lalomalava
  • Samoa

The Savaiian Hotel was built by Roger and Amataga Gidlow over 20 years ago. Roger is an Englishman from Oxfordshire who  travelled to NZ many years ago to work, which is where he and his wife, Ama, met and settled down. Upon returning to Samoa, they decided to upgrade the family run business (Savaii Bed and breakfast) who were at the time one of only  a handful of accommodation providers catering for tourists.

In 1992 The Savaiian Hotel opened its doors. Amas background in  hospitality from the family business and Rogers keen hand in the kitchen as well as experience in the bar made for a grand combination at getting the hotel started. Both are passionate about Savaii as well as the Faasamoa way of life and have always known that sharing this with the world was something they were proud to do.

Since its opening, the business, which always involved everyone in the family, has now been taken over and is currently managed by eldest son Vaaelua Faapoi Gidlow and his wife Dr Nola Gidlow (and 2 young children). Together they  run the hotel as an extension of their home and enjoy keeping it small and simple.

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